Thursday, 26 June 2014

Arista Spice

Recently, I've been really focused on character design. I'm trying to be more consistent, more efficient, and more distinctive. So I've been trying out a range of different styles of drawing and colouring, and I think I'm finally settling down into a nice rhythm.

WIPs after the jump :)


In an effort to keep a fluid workflow, I decided to try to work start-to-finish in a digital medium. My initial sketches are pretty rough, and I usually draw them up in a colour that isn't black, so that I can draw clean lineart over it without confusing myself. 

Once I'm happy with the lineart, I can then pretty easily take away the coloured "pencil" drawing, so that I'm left with clean lineart. 

Then all that's left is colours! At the moment, I'm working on a HD screen I've borrowed from my brother (cheers, Bubbles!) which makes the job a lot easier. Bonus: I can trust the colours that I'm seeing on screen are true. I've tried to simplify the way I colour and shade as well; so it's still a slow process, but I'm getting quicker! :)

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