Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Illustration | Mad Max : Fury Road | The Nux Car

Mad Max : Fury Road. Have you seen it? Did you love it? Can you guess my favourite character? As always click to enlarge the images; both images below are desktop wallpapers. ;)

This was a fun learning curve. It started life in pen on paper, then I painted it digitally. I made a few custom photoshop brushes for the mud splatters and whatnot, and used rust textures where I thought they'd work. Other than that, this was all layers, masks, adjustment layers, persistence, and time. Learning.

PS: I draw vehicles a lot. If you're interested; here's a smattering of links (some of which are to external sites, where you can buy prints and mugs and pillows and other fun stuff of particular designs):
Go look if you haven't seen 'em! 


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  2. This is awesome, I love it.

    I've been trying to figure out what to have as a tattoo for ages, like years I'm not even kidding.

    Is there any chance I could have your permission to have a modified version of this as a tattoo?

    1. Eddie; thank you for the kind words.

      Absolutely; go ahead with the tattoo.

      Feel free to pass on a photo if you get it done!


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